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Program Goals and Objectives

Graduates will:

1. Be competent entry-level Dietetic Technicians to meet the employment needs of the community.
     Outcome Measures:

    • Program completion of at least 75% of declared Dietetic Technician students will graduate from the program within two years of enrolling in the program.
    • Employers of Graduates will indicate that at least 80% meet or exceed the expected knowledge base for employment.
    • The post-graduate employment survey will show that at least 85% of graduates have found employment in the field of dietetics or are engaged in pursuing higher education, or both.
    • Graduates achieve a pass rate of 80% or more on the DTR exam over a 5-year period.
    • 80% of students will meet or exceed the minimum entry-level competencies during clinical rotations
    • Ensure a Labor Market demand for graduates

2. Communicate and work effectively with an inter-disciplinary workforce and clientele of the community.
        Outcome Measures:

    • At least 80 % of graduates are able to communicate and work effectively with a diverse cultural and inter-disciplinary work force.
    • At least 80% of graduates will evaluate their education as meeting employment needs in the multi-ethnic communities.

3. Participate in personal growth and lifelong learning activities. 
        Outcome Measures:

    • At least 75% are involved in professional organizations and continuing education or higher education.

Outcomes data are available on request.