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Dietetic Technician Program

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About the Program

The Dietetic Technician Program is part of the School of Allied Health in the Consumer and Health Sciences Division at OCC.

The Dietetic Technician program meets all of the requirements for the Associate of Science degree and includes a minimum of 450 hours of supervised practice.

Students completing this program are prepared to join the dietetics team, and participate in the nutrition care process for clients and patients. Completion of the following courses, along with the Associate Degree program at Orange Coast College qualifies the student to sit for the Commission of Dietetics Registration national exam for the DTR level. 

What is a Dietetic Technician Registered?

Dietetic Technicians are trained at the technician level, and participate in the nutrition care process to ensure the delivery of quality food and nutrition services. Technicians work under the supervision of a registered dietitian in clinical care. They may work independently in food service operations or providing general nutrition education

Graduates from this program are employed by acute care, long term care, and rehabilitation hospitals, as well as by community agencies that provide education in nutrition. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics provides additional information regarding the profession of Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR).

Program Mission

​The mission of the Dietetic Technology Program, similar to the Mission of the College, is to enhance student success by providing quality instruction in food, nutrition, dietetics, and related courses which lead to a certificate, associate degree, or transfer to higher education. In addition, a major goal is to offer continuing education, knowledge, and skills development to graduates and other dietetic professionals throughout the community, implementing the College’s provision of instructional excellence for lifetime access to educational opportunities.

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