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Frequently Asked Questions

Allied Health 010 - Health Occupations
1. What is Allied Health 010?
Allied Health 010 is the required course to complete the application process for the School of Allied Health Professions at Orange Coast College. This course assists the prospective student to learn about the application and acceptance process, and then to complete the application process. The class provides students the opportunity to make career decisions based on information learned in the class.

2. What is the purpose of the course?
Allied Health 010 provides an introduction to allied health careers and the specific career programs offered at Orange Coast College. These career programs include:  
  • Cardiovascular Technology (Echocardiography and Electrocardiography)
  • Dental Assisting – Services
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound)
  • Dietetic Technician/Nutrition Care
  • Emergency Medical Services 
  • Medical Assistant – CCMA Eligible
  • Neurodiagnostic Technology
  • Polysomnography (Sleep disorders)
  • Radiologic Technologist (Radiographer)
  • Respiratory Care
  • Speech Language Pathology Assistant
Class presentations by the program director and professionals in the field from each of the above noted career programs are a major component of this course. These 40 minute presentations are designed to give the prospective student applicant a snapshot view of that specific career including educational requirements, job responsibilities and employment opportunities. The application process for the career program is also completed through this course. The on campus section encourages students to ask questions and hear questions others may ask about a career area.
3. When is the next Al H 010 start date?
The class is offered every regular semester. Start date, time and location varies from semester to semester, please see OCC Class Schedule.

4. How do I enroll in Al H 010?
You must first be a student at the college. An application to Orange Coast College is available from our web site. Then when it is your enrollment date, enroll on line in the Al H 010 class.

5. How much does the course cost?
All college classes are billed at the current college enrollment fees per class unit taken. Exact costs of these enrollment fees are outlined in the current class fee schedule. The Allied Health 010 class is 0.5 class units, so the cost for this class will be one-half of the current enrollment fees per unit.

6. How much do the specific Allied Health programs cost?
An approximate core cost for each specific Allied Health program can be found on the
Allied Health Program Grid.  
7. What is the approximate admission wait time for each program?
The wait list times vary depending on the specific Allied Health program. An approximate time of waiting for each program can be found on the Allied Health Program Grid.
8. What are the prerequisites for each Allied Health program?
Each program has specific prerequisite classes that must be completed before you can be accepted into the program. A list of the prerequisites for each program can be found on the  Allied Health Program Grid.
9. Who can I contact if I have further questions?
For further information contact the School of Allied Health Professions Office (714) 432-5702.