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Info for New Students

​​If you are beginning the program:

Take Child Growth and Development course in Human Development.  You may also take Family, School, and Community Partnerships in Human Development and/or Principles & Practices of Teaching Young Children within Early Childhood Education ​OR any class that has​​​ Child Growth & Development in Human Development as a co-requisite.​
Always check pre-requisites of any class that you want to take to make sure that you have completed them before taking the class.

Licensing Units:

12 Units are required by the state to teach in a childcare center.  Most classes are 3 units. Prerequisites for each field are shown below. 
Preschool: Take HD 180, HD 190, and EC 155.  The fourth class you will take is EC 200, however you must complete EC 155 first.
Infant/Toddler:  Take HD 180, HD 190 and HD 184 and then EC 220, however you must complete HD 184 first.
School-age:  Take HD 180, HD 190, EC 155, and EC 229 OR EC 230.
Please note that this 12-unit requirement is the least possible amount of units needed to teach in a childcare program and is not an optimal level of preparation.  We suggest that you complete a certificate in a particular age group for a complete preparation for teaching in the classroom.

Returning Students:

You may take any class from the core or your choice of certificate options as long as you have completed the pre-requisites OR are enrolled in the co-requisite listed for that class.  Always check for the pre-requisites and co-requisites.  Contact us if you have questions.