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Tuition and Enrollment

Early Childhood Lab School

Tuition/Enrollment 2017/2018


Morning Program   


9:00 AM - 11:30 AM 

 Preschool/Pre-K  (Ages 3-5 years old)                                          Younger Preschool (Ages 2-3 years old)*

                              Yearly             Tenthly                                                        Yearly               Tenthly

                              Payment         Payment                                                   Payment          Payment

2 days (TTH)            $2,600            $260                            2 days (TTH)             $2,850               $285

3 days (MWF)          $3,350            $335                            3 days (MWF)           $3,650               $365

5 days (MTWTHF)    $5,600            $560                            5 days (MTWTHF)     $6,100               $610


Afternoon Program

1:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Preschool/Pre-K (Ages 3-5 years old)                                            Younger Preschool (Ages 2-3 years old)*

                              Yearly              Tenthly                                                       Yearly                 Tenthly

                              Payment         Payment                                                   Payment            Payment

2 days (TTH)            $2,300             $230                             2 days (TTH)         $2,700                 $270

3 days (MWF)          $2,950             $295                          

5 days (MTWTHF)    $4,900             $490   


Annual Registration Fee:  $100

The first payment and registration fee (both non-refundable and non-transferrable) secures an available spot.

Tuition for the school year is divided into 10 equal payments for your convenience.

Payments are prepaid and due on the 25th of each month.  A $15 late fee will be added to the payment, if it is not submitted by the last business day of the month.


Please contact Karen Kao at (714) 432-5635, for enrollment and tuition information. 

All children need to be up-to-date on the immunization schedule before starting school.  This is the link, California Department of Public Health, Immunization Branch, that contains information required for school entry in California. 

*A child needs to be 2 years old by September 1st of the current academic year.  

**​The Early Childhood Lab School's Federal ID# is:  95-6002272