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ID Program F.A.Q.'s

A list of our most frequently asked questions.

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Do you offer computer/studio lab hours?

Yes, each semester the lab has some open hours. The times are determined by and match the lab hours for the Fashion Department. They are supervised by faculty or an instructional assistant. Signage regarding lab hours is typically posted in each classroom as well as published on our Facebook page.

Can I come use the lab at other times?

Refer to the published lab hours. We try to accommodate as much time as possible for students to work on campus and the lab time must be supervised. Do not interrupt instructors during their scheduled classes. Any additional lab hours need to be arranged by contacting the department faculty in advance to open the labs for you. 

I finished all of the classes in Level 1 - how do I get my Certificate?

With each of the levels in the Interior Design program, you earn either a Certificate or degree. With each of the degree or certificates, you need to apply/petition for graduation. It's best to do this upon completion of each Certificate or degree. Some student wait and complete all 3 levels and petition all at one time. We recommend that you apply and receive your certificates and degrees upon completion of each one.

Is it important to declare a major in Interior Design?

YES! It is very important to declare your major and the college/community college system, in general, is working toward ensuring that every student has an Ed Plan. Declaring your major helps us track the number of students in the program and helps with scheduling the right sections to keep you moving through the program at a progressive pace.

Can I take the Internship Academy class in place of the ID 240 class?

No. You can take Internship Academy for college credit, but it will not count toward ID 240. We encourage you to explore the Industry through Internships and multiple internships are beneficial to students. Our ID 240 class is supervised by ID Faculty and we are working on the ability to run the course in both the Fall and Spring semester. Currently, it is run only in the Spring semester.

Can I take an Independent Study class to complete coursework or count toward another class?

Any request for Independent Study will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If the class is offered at any time during an Academic year, we will advise you to take the course when it is offered. Independent Study should be utilized to explore different and advanced topics in your area of interest and can only be taken one time at OCC.

I heard that courses can no longer be repeated, is it true?

Yes, it is true. There were a few courses within our program as well as others that were repeatable. This is no longer an option at the California Community Colleges.

What if I failed a course, can I retake it?

This is very important information. The quick answer is yes, you can and should retake a course that you received a failing grade in. The biggest change though is that beginning in Fall 2013, if you attempt and fail a course 3 times, you will no longer be able to enroll in that course and must take it at another college. This includes failing grades and W grades. You will also not be able to enroll in that course across the district. An example: You have an F and (2) W's in English 100 as a GE requirement. You will not be able to enroll in that class at OCC, GWC or CCC. This will begin in Fall 2013 and is retroactive.