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Baking and Pastry

Certificate of Achievement

Advanced Baking and Pastry

This certificate program includes courses which lead to students gaining a solid foundational knowledge of the baking and pastry industry. Courses are designed for students who desire a career as a pastry entrepreneur in the baking/pastry industry, or in the following positions found at restaurants, hotels, resorts, clubs and bakeries: head baker, assistant pastry chef, pastry chef and executive pastry chef.

Certificate of Specialization

Baking and Pastry - Basic

This certificate provides students with the fundamental knowledge of baking science, and prepares them for careers as bakers or pastry cooks. Students will gain hands-on knowledge of classic and contemporary patisserie and baking processes. Upon completion of the program students will be ready for careers as bakers,​ pastry cooks, or pastry entrepreneurs to meet the needs of retail and wholesale baking and pastry establishments.​

Associate in Science Degree

Complete the Advanced Baking and Pastry Certificate of Achievement and the Associate in Science graduation requirements as outlined in the Graduation Requirements section of the catalog.