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About the School

Today's School of Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism is one of the most sophisticated service-oriented schools in California. The School is home to over 500 undergraduates from the United States and 18 countries.  Each year industry leaders participate with Orange Coast College to lecture, confer, and offer guidance to our students. More than 100 hospitality, travel, and tourism companies recruit our students for full-time and summer employment.
Orange Coast College School of Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism faculty are a respected group of instructors focused on strategic, service-oriented management.  They represent a distinguished body of scholars who are recognized locally and nationally, for their teaching talents that define the cutting edge of industry progress.  Local companies are actively involved with our faculty for executive education and training, as well as consulting.  As a result, the School is our local hospitality industry's "think tank." 

Faculty members utilize industry published collections, and online resources, along with, their well-stocked specialized library, to maintain current with trends, changes, and forecasts.
Why Choose Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism?
Since 1970 the School has been a central leader in the development of the industry, an industry that has experienced vast growth and now ranks as the world's largest revenue industry and largest employer.

The Orange Coast College School of Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism is delivering education and interacting with industry leaders to ensure that the fast-paced and ever-changing opportunities of the industries are led by first-rate management experts who have a passion for their industry and a strategic understanding of how to manage companies and provide outstanding service to the people.     
Who Attends the School of Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism?
  • Students who have already gotten the "bug" to be entrepreneurs and leaders of companies - they want the best!
  • Business minded students who want a more creative atmosphere and after closer contact with us, realize they will enjoy the dynamics of hospitality, travel, & tourism companies.  Marketing, real estate development, international business, information technology, finance, human resources and general management majors all find exciting opportunities within our curriculum.
  • Liberal arts minded students who see the hospitality, travel, & tourism field as more creative than general business who like the emphasis on creating personally rewarding experiences for customers and employees.
  • Students interested in psychology, sociology, communications, and the fine and performing arts may find us to be a great option…if they can get excited about becoming creative business people.
    Students who realize that a career is best pursued when having a passion and exuberance for being of service to others.