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Do You Have What It Takes

Do You Have What it Takes to Succeed in Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism?

Ambitious…and also Humble

  • Likes being a leader
  • Enjoys helping others
  • Likes to dream BIG

Creative, Visionary, and also a Strategic Thinker

Always thinking about how to improve things
Willing to change some of the rules that others seem to simply follow
Focused on what needs to be done to achieve goals

Natural Organizer…Not a Ruling Tyrant!

Likes to make decisions and see things done the right way
Remains so Personable and Positive that people like to put you in charge of projects and teams
Likes taking charge and being The Boss, but ensures that your team enjoys success and recognition

Globally Oriented

Enjoys travel and meeting people from other cultures
Relishes a sense for adventure
Stimulated by international business career options

Action Oriented

Seeks a career that will not isolate you into a cubicle!
Prefers a career that offers a lot of options and variety in job responsibilities
Enjoys an atmosphere where change and creative improvement is encouraged

Confident and High Energy

Expects to be successful and you're willing to work hard to ensure success
Wants a fast-track career where you are in charge at a young age
Has an inner belief that your destiny is to be a top leader in your chosen field
Has a sense of humor and a dramatic flair

Student Profiles

Some of the following attributes are often found in students at the Orange Coast
College School of Hospitality Professions …Orange County’s leading management
school for students interested in service management and hospitality:

Humble…and yet very ambitious

Creative Visionaries who see the big picture…but are focused leaders and organizers of people
Strategic Thinkers who like to develop strategies to improve something
Personable, quick and decisive…and yet very analytical
Globally Oriented, enjoy travel and engage other cultures…do not want to live behind a desk!
Passionate about being a leader…but have a high commitment to service to others
Confident people with high energy levels… with no exceptions!!!
Students who have excelled, academically and professionally, within the Orange Coast College School of Hospitality, have done so based on both their academic potential and record as well as their personal skills in leadership and entrepreneurial potential…we value both I.Q. and E.Q. (emotional quotient) factors.
We recommend that students achieve some awareness of hospitality management through jobs or internships.  Managing people and being an eventual leader of a large organization or taking leadership in a sophisticated financial/consulting company servicing the hospitality companies requires an alert awareness and understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that exist in hospitality.  Not everyone is cut out for this type of business.  It is important for students to illustrate their statement of interest as well as their interview that they have some understanding and appreciation for the field.



They are leaders and/or organizers of groups, innovators, high energy level, lots of creative activities including film, the performing arts or community service, also athletics - our students are very team oriented.

Work Experience

Seventy five per cent have worked in hospitality. The others come from a variety of experiences and have demonstrated a knowledge and interest in the industry.