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Why OCC?

​Excellent Value

Compared to private airline, hospitality and travel schools, Orange Coast College offers extremely affordable rates.  At private schools, tuitions range between $25,000-40,000. The same education at Orange Coast College is less than $2,500, including textbooks!

Close and Convenient

Forty percent of our students are actually from outside the Costa Mesa district due to our proximity in Orange County. For students in Orange County area, Orange Coast College is just minutes away.

Small Classes/Individual Attention

Class sizes range but average 25 students allowing the instructor the opportunity to give each student individual attention.

Your Choices Are Endless

Touring, lodging, hospitality services, air travel, cruising, destination promotion, airport operations, theme parks -- all these sectors and more provide hundreds of thousands of travel jobs, each unique, each potentially rewarding. 

You Can Make a Difference

Travel helps people learn about other cultures, grow in their understanding of the world and fulfill their dreams. It has a more measurable effect by providing vital economic support to thousands of places and creating enormous economic success. In many ways, tourism has become a critical force for world peace.  Few industries can make that claim. 

Industry Connections

The OCC School of Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism is approached by corporations and local businesses seeking qualified individuals to meet part time and full time job requirements or internships.