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Orange Coast College Travel

​​​​​​​​Since 1970 the Orange Coast College, School of Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism has been a central leader in the development of the hospitality industry, an industry that has experienced vast growth and ranks as the world's largest revenue industry and largest employer.

Today, the industry is more than hotel and restaurant enterprises.  It includes an array of companies that specialize in airlines, cruise lines, sports arenas, entertainment, amusement centers, senior living communities, car rentals, casinos, club management, real estate development, consulting, corporate managed services, conference/convention planning, facility design, catering, bed-and-breakfast operations, large chain restaurants, general brand management and franchise management, accounting, law, human resources and management training, information technology, travel agencies, and many more.
The Orange Coast College School of Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism is delivering education and interacting with industry leaders to ensure that the fast-paced and ever-changing opportunities of the hospitality industry are led by first-rate experts who have a passion for the industry and a strategic understanding of how to manage their companies and provide service to the people.     


The School of Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism is located at the heart of Orange Coast College’s campus in Costa Mesa, California.  Four beautiful city and state beaches and countless parks can be found within a few miles of campus.  The Center for the Performing Arts is less than ten minutes away, as are many Museums.

School of Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism