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Description of the ESL Program

English language learning at OCC: Learn English Fast, or Take Your Time!

Speaking and Listening
ESL 011, 021, 031, and 051
Ideal for students who want to discuss the world around them more fluently
Grammar, Reading and Writing
ESL 015, 026, 035, and 055
Intense language learning for the serious student
Classes for Advanced Students
ESL 060/065 and 099
Rigorous academic reading and writing in preparation for English 100 (Freshman Composition) and all college classes
Why should you take ESL courses at Orange Coast College?
  • Most ESL courses are transferable.
  • Students who take ESL 099 are more likely to pass English 100--Freshman Composition (compared to students who take only Eng 100 or Eng 099).
  • It’s especially important for students who want to transfer to a four-year college to polish their reading analysis and writing skills.
  • ESL courses are taught by professors who are specially trained to work with students like you!
  • Complete an application to Orange Coast College, 2701 Fairview Road, Costa Mesa. (Get one from the OCC Admissions Office or online at; from the OCC home page, click on “Prospective Students” and then “Enrollment Steps.”)
  • Take the ESL Placement test to determine your starting level. (Call the Assessment Center at 714-432-5789 to set up an appointment.)
  • Meet with your counselor and/ or an ESL advisor. (Call 714-432-5716 for contact information for an ESL advisor.
  • Parking is free during the registration period.