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Reading Levels
Once you have taken the placement test, you can prepare yourself for the beginning of the semester by practicing your independent reading skills. The following chart shows which level of reading will be expected of you.
Class Level Independent (by yourself, without help) Instructional (with the teacher's help)
ESL 026  Easy readers*  News for You*
ESL 035  News for You *  Reader's Digest*
ESL 055  Reader's Digest*  Newsweek and Time magazines*
ESL 060/065  Newsweek and Time magazines*  Newsweek / Time editorials
ESL 099  A wide variety of college-level reading

* Easy readers are available in the OCC Library. 
* News for You will be provided in ESL 026 and ESL 035.
* Reader's Digest is available in supermarkets.
* Newsweek and Time magazines are available in supermarkets.