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English as a Second Language

​​​​​Welcome to the Department of English as a Second Language

Mission Statement
The English as a Second Language (ESL) department at OCC is committed to providing a comprehensive education in English reading, writing and oral skills to speakers of other languages so that they can reach personal, educational and professional goals and enjoy success as members of the global community of English speakers. Serving both resident and international students, the ESL program promotes cultural diversity, good citizenship, global awareness and human dignity.
ESL Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs)
What will students be able to think, know, do, or feel because of a given educational experience?
Upon completion of the most advanced listening and speaking course and the most advanced reading and writing course, students will:
  1. Speak clearly and fluently enough for an English speaker to understand and interpret intent. (C, TS, PDR)
  2. Participate fully and effectively in academic and personal oral communication. (C, TS, PDR)
  3. Construct sentences, paragraphs, essays, and other responses, using as appropriate the variety of grammatical forms and structures learned in the ESL program. (C, TS, PDR)
  4. Construct paragraphs, essays, and oral presentations that discuss and evaluate the stated and implied main and supporting ideas in college-level readings, such as those found in college textbooks, in local and national newspapers and magazines, and online. (C, TS, GA, PDR)
  5. Responsibly use information sources, both traditional and high-tech, to function fully as a member of the academic and wider community. (C, TS, GA, PDR)
Institutional Learning Outcomes:
Communication; Thinking Skills; Global Awareness; Personal Development & Responsibility