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Mathematics & Sciences

Our Division Office is closed for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester, due to the Covid19 Restriction.  Working remotely, we still work to assist your needs during our normal office hours.  Stay safe and healthy!  

Here is some information for frequently asked questions you may have.

  • OCC Covid19 Information for Students.
  • Clearing Prerequisites:  To clear a prerequisite for a course, a Prerequisite Clearance Request Form must be submitted to the Matriculation/OCC Clearance office.  The information and Prerequisite Clearance form is located within the "Enrollment Center" link of the college website.  Here is the direct link to the Prerequisite Clearance information:  
  • Challenging Prerequisites:  If your prerequisite clearance has been denied, you may submit a prerequisite challenge form to the appropriate Division office.  Our Division Office is currently working with the IT office to develop an online submission version of the Prerequisite Challenge form.  In the meantime, here is a link to the current Math & Sciences Prerequisite Challenge Form.   Here is a link for the checklist for the challenge.  Please submit all Prerequisites to  
  • Placement Testing for Chemistry:  Currently, there is no placement testing available for Chemistry.  Students will go through the prerequisite challenge for this.
  • Course Syllabus/Course Outline:   To attain the syllabus(es) for a course, you would need to contact the individual instructor.  Our college keeps the Course Outline of Record (COR) for a course in our college database.  The COR's are the official documents used for articulating courses among universities and colleges.  Here is the direct link to our Curricunet database, to access/download our college's COR's.  Here are the step by step instructions.
  • How do I get a hold of my instructor?  Staff member, Administrator, etc.  The college directory can be reached from the top right corner of our website screen.  The link to the directory is:  The directory defaults to "Faculty".  Select the appropriate tab for an Administrator or a Staff member.  You can check your MyOCC Canvas dashboard, for information regarding your classes, and updates from your instructor(s).  
  • I've emailed the instructor (repeatedly), but have not had any response in a while.  How do I get a hold of him/her? Your instructor may be busy responding to multiple emails or phone calls from students and colleagues.  If you have attempted to contact your instructor, and have not heard from him/her, and this is an urgent issue, you can contact our Division Dean at   

The Division of Mathematics and Sciences at Orange Coast College provides educational programs for its majors that are recognized for their quality by the many universities to which our students transfer. The science programs are distinguished by their outstanding laboratory facilities and modern equipment.  The mathematics department provides a calculus honors sequence that is comparable to that taught at schools such as Stanford, UCLA, and UC Berkeley.  Division facilities include an exemplary Math Center, the Hoag Multimedia Laboratory, a Cadaver Prosection Lab, a Plastination Lab, marine science aquariums, and a horticulture facility that includes gardens and over 6,000 square feet of greenhouse space.  With its close proximity to the ocean, Orange Coast College’s Marine Science program is the largest community college marine science program in the nation.