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About Us

​​See the faculty information page to obtain contact information for faculty currently in the department.
The Biology Department helps more than 1,500 students explore biology every semester, and has nine full time faculty. and many part time faculty assigned to teach more than a dozen unique courses.  Our faculty have a diverse array of experience; some worked for years in industry before coming to Orange Coast, while others come from a background of academic research.
The Orange Coast College Biology Department would not be where it is today without the contributions of the many emeritus faculty who have served the department over the decades:
  • Ann Harmer, 1978-2007
  • John Lenanton, 1970-2006
  • Frank Visco, 1968-2004
  • Norm Cole, 1973-2004
  • Don Collins, 1969-2004
  • Lance Gilbertson, 1965-2002
  • Betty Yost, 1976-1990
  • Joan Pontney, 1968-1981
  • Lloyd Smith, 1956-1980
The Biological Sciences Department website is maintained by Marc Perkins.