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Marine Science

​​​​​​​​​​​​The Marine Science Department at Orange Coast College offers classes in Introductory Oceanography, Coastal Oceanography, Marine Biology, Marine Mammals, Marine Mammal Field Study, Aquarium Science, Intertidal Ecology, and Gray Whale Ecology (Study Abroad).
The department has it's own "wet" marine laboratory, maintains a 4500 gallon recirculating cooled seawater system as well as warm water tropical tanks, and has a seabase in nearby Newport Harbor.
Students can earn an Associate in Science degree in Marine Science during their first two years in College. They may then transfer to a baccalaureate program in marine biology or oceanography at one of several private or State Universities. Students anticipating transfer to a four-year College should consult the current Orange Coast College catalogue for curriculum planning assistance.
While at O.C.C. Marine Science majors have the opportunity to explore this fascinating career area and test their sea legs. Students will trawl the ocean bed, take bottom samples with oceanic probes, collect water samples for analysis, interpret oceanic weather information, and learn the fundamentals of marine navigation. The future beckons!