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What physics course should I take?

Physics 110 and 111:


These are conceptual courses.  They have almost no math and are intended to satisfy part of the general education

requirement for science.  P111 is the lab course that goes with P110, but it's optional and it doesn't have to taken at the same time as P110.


Physics 120 and 125.


These courses require a knowledge of algebra and trigonometry.  They are taken by people whose majors require

"College Physics" or "Algebra-based Physics."  Many people majoring in health-related fields or Biology take these courses. 

Some schools require just the first semester.


Physics 130 and 135


This sequence is similar to Physics 120 and 125 but requires calculus.  It can be taken instead of P120 and 125 to

enhance your transfer prospects, and is required by some transfer institutions, especially if your major is pre-med.


Physics 185, 280, and 285.


These courses require calculus.  The first two semesters will definitely be required for all students majoring in

Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, or Engineering.  Physics and Astronomy majors will also take P285; Chemistry majors will cover this material in a Physical Chemistry course.

This sequence may be taken by students majoring in Biology or Marine Science.  They are not always required but may improve your transfer prospects.