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AA-T Degree in Geography

Associate of Arts Degree in Geography for Transfer

Complete the following required 6 units:

* GEOG 180 or 180H (Physical Geography) - 3 units

* GEOG 185 (Cultural Geography) - 3 units

Complete any 6-7 units from the following courses:

* GEOG 100 or 100H (World Regional Geography) - 3 units

* GEOG 130 (Introduction to Weather and Climate) - 3 units

* GEOG 150 (California Geography) - 3 units

* GEOG 180L (Physical Geography Lab) - 1 unit

* GEOG 190 (Introduction to  Geographic Information Systems) - 2 units

* GEOG 198 (Regional Field Studies in Geography) - 1-3 units

Complete a minimum of 6 units from any classes not taken above OR from the following courses:

* CS 170 (Java Programming 1) - 4 units

* MATH 180 (Calculus 1) - 4 units

* ANTH 100 (Cultural Anthropology) - 3 units

* GEOL 110 (Physical Geology) - 4 units

* PSCI 180 (American Government) - 3 units

* CHEM 180 (General Chemistry A) - 5 units

* MATH/PSYC 160 (Statistics) - 3 units

* BIOL 100 (Introduction to Biology) - 4 units

There are many benefits to students for completing the transfer degree in Geography:

  • Creates an Associate Degree for Transfer that guarantees admission with junior standing to the California State University system (if you meet GPA requirements).
  • Provides priority admission consideration to the local California State University campus and to a program or major that is similar to the major or area of emphasis studied at community college.
  • Prohibits the California State University from requiring students to repeat courses that are similar to those completed at your community college as part of your Associate Degree for Transfer
  • Prohibits the California State University from requiring you to take more than 60 units to complete a 120-unit baccalaureate degree.
  • Reduces the need to take unnecessary courses, thereby shortening the time to complete your degree and reducing your costs at the community college and California State University.
  • Eliminates confusion caused by different and shifting major preparation requirements that can vary by each California State University campus.

For more information about the Geography classes that are needed for transfer and acceptance to specific CSU and UC schools, please check out the link to ASSIST at

CSULB Geography Department

SDSU Geography Department

CSUF Geography Department

UCLA Geography Department

UCSB Geography Department

CSUN Geography Department

CSULA Geography Department