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Geography Majors
The lower and upper division requirements for a degree in Geography varies for each university, so check with your transfer institution for their specific requirements for the major.  All of your Geography courses at Orange Coast College will transfer as General Education units.
GEOG 100​ X​ X​

GEOG 180
X X​ X
GEOG 180L​
X​ X​
GEOG 185
X​ ​X X
​X ​X

To complete your upper division courses, most Geography programs will give you the option of specializing in one of the three areas of concentration – Urban /Cultural, Physical / Environmental, or Applied / Cartography / GIS.  Most of your units will be completed in your area of specialty, however, you will need to meet the “breadth” requirements by completing courses across the discipline.

One of the great aspects of selecting Geography as a major is that it is not necessarily an “impacted” major, which means that if you have a competitive GPA then you should be able to get into any university program.  In addition, many universities are finding that their best Geography majors are transfer students from community colleges - so they are competing over you!

When you begin to look at different transfer programs, do not hesitate to contact the undergraduate advisor and be sure to set up an appointment and tour of the campus.  Also, it is highly recommended that you take a look at the biographies and research interests of the faculty to see if they are doing things that meet with your interests and career goals.  Remember, it is all about finding the right place for you!