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AA in Psych for CSU Transfer

Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer to the California State University System
The field of psychology addresses the scientific study of behavior and mental processes of humans and animals. Learning more about human behavior through scientific research methods is the focus of many psychologists, while other psychologists apply principles of psychology in areas such as psychotherapy, applied behavioral analysis, and industrial/ organizational psychology.
This psychology program offers a comprehensive view of psychology by offering a variety of courses that will support transfer in psychology, while providing a foundational understanding of the discipline of psychology, the methods psychologists use to learn about behavior, and applications of psychological information to the world around us.
This “Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer“ degree to the CSU system requires completion of 60 transferable units, completion of the 19 units of psychology classes that are prescribed above, completion of graduation requirements for the CSU system schools, and a 2.0 GPA.
Meet with an OCC counselor or visit to learn the specific Orange Coast College psychology classes needed for transfer and acceptance to specific CSU schools.
A lower division psychology class taken at OCC may not count as a similarly named upper division class at a transfer CSU school.
IMPACTED PROGRAMS: Admission to some California State University programs offering a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology may be impacted, which means that the number of applicants in the major is limited by space availability. The universities with impacted programs have higher, minimum GPA requirements for admission consideration for their campus and the psychology major, and then they may rank order their transfer applicants by GPA. Filing your application during the initial filing period is essential when seeking admissions at impacted campuses. As well, some impacted schools state that they give preference to students from their local admission area.