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Senior Day spring '06 Project

The senior day recruitment project is to use a Hughes 500 helicopter and install a sound system to simulate the 1970's film "Apocalypse Now"
 The following is a detail of the installation. The speakers (not shown) are 3x5's mounted externally at the rear doors.  
Converter 1/ AudioAMP:
The helicopter uses a 24V battery and the converter will convert 24VDC to 12VDC
for the amplifier operation.
Avionics Converter 1 
Converter 2/ CD player
The second converter will convert the helicopter 24VDC to 4.5VDC for the CD player.
Both converters were made by students in the Electronic Technology Program.
Avionics Converter 2 
Instrument Panel:
The instrument panel includes the power switches and a remote play/pause button for the CD player.
Avionics Instrument Panel