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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What exactly does this Aviation Science program aim to deliver?

Answer: This program is a degree program (A.S. Degree in Aviation Science) designed for students seeking the professional pilot career path. 

Question: Are there any prerequisite classes that need to be taken before starting the Aviation Science program?

Answer:  No! Our classes are designed to teach you subjects you need to know as a beginner. No pre-existing knowledge in aviation is required! 

Question: Can a person complete this program while working full-time or on a part-time schedule?

Answer: Yes! Most of our classes are in the evenings between 6:00pm - 9:00pm. Your flight training is also a customized schedule between you and your flight instructor. 

Question: I want to enroll in your flight lab class but it says I need instructor permission.  How do I get permission?

Answer:  To begin you must as a minimum be enrolled in one of our ground school classes, appropriate to the flight license sought, for flight lab eligibility. Your enrollment in a ground school class will be verified by the flight lab coordinator on the first meeting of the semester. You may register for the flight lab you desire, however, if you are not enrolled, or have been enrolled in one of our ground schools, you will be dropped from the flight lab course. 

Question:  I already have my Private Pilot's License.  Can I get credit for ground schools and any other courses?

Answer:  We do not grant credit for aeronautical experience and ratings. If you attended ground school at an accredited college or university you may apply for transfer credit.  The program coordinator will need to review your official transcript and the course outline of the class you took prior to approval. Ground schools taken through commercial flight schools are not eligible for transfer credit. Completion of any FAA written exam does not qualify for credit.

Question:  Do you provide training all the way through Commercial pilot and Certified Flight Instructor?

Answer: Yes! The good news is that when you earn your Certified Flight Instructor Certificate, we will interview you for a job to teach for us!

Question:  Can I use my VA Benefits to pay for flight training?

Answer: Currently, Veteran Affairs is in the midst of significant regulatory changes. Please contact OCC VA Services to find out the latest updates regarding our status with the VA. 

Question:  Can I use financial aid to pay for flight training?

Answer:  You will need to declare Aviation Science your major area of study. You will also have to sign up for the Certificate of Achievement or A.S. Degree in Aviation Science to be eligible for financial aid. Financial aid may not be available for individual courses without a plan to graduate with a certificate or degree in Aviation Science. Final approval will only be through the financial aid office. Please see our financial aid representatives for current information regarding this area of study.

Connect with Financial Aid: Walt Minnick -

Question:  Is the program impacted and how do I apply?

The program is not impacted however flight lab admission is limited. You can satisfy degree requirements without completing flight lab electives, however flight lab electives are required for licensing. To apply for the program follow the normal college application and enrollment process. 

Question:  Can I get the VA or use my GI/BILL to fund my flight training?

Orange Coast College has restructured the Aviation Science program to return to a student-centered approach to flight training. This enhanced flexibility fulfills our mission to accommodate a broad range of students. Our focus on your needs will bring you the proficiency to achieve your goals and prepare you for an outstanding career in this high-growth industry.

However, this flexibility means that OCC’s program does not meet with Veterans Administration (VA) regulations and is not eligible for VA funding.