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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I want to enroll in your flight lab class but it says I need instructor permission.  How do I get permission.

Answer:  To begin with, you must as a minimum be enrolled in APT A130 for flight lab eligibility.  If you are a new student enroll in APT A130.  Once you are enrolled you will have access to BlackBoard.  Go into APT A130 through BlackBoard and you will see a button labeled "Flight Lab Application."  This tab will provide forms and instructions for applying to flight lab.

Question:  I already have my Private Pilot's License.  Can I get credit for APT A130 and any other courses?

Answer:  We do not grant credit for aeronautical experience and ratings.  If you attended ground school at an accredited college or university you may apply for transfer credit.  The program lead will need to review your official transcript and the course outline of the class you took prior to approval.  Ground schools taken through commercial flight schools are not eligible for transfer credit.  Completion of any FAA written exam does not qualify for credit.

In addition, to be eligible for any flight lab you are required to complete APT A130 and meet eligibility requirements outlined in the student agreement.

Question:  Do you provide training all the way through commercial pilot and CFI?

Answer: Yes

Question:  Can I use my VA Benefits to pay for flight training?

Answer: Yes.  Orange Coast College is currently one of the very few institutions of higher learning with a program designed for Veterans using Post 9/11 benefits.  Our FAR Part 141 approved curriculum is taught through college accredited flight lab courses.

Question:  Can I use financial aid to pay for flight training?

Answer:  You will need to ask the folks in financial aid.

Question:  Is the program impacted and how do I apply?

The program is not impacted however flight lab admission is limited.  You can satisfy degree requirements without completing the flight lab electives however flight lab electives are required for licensing.  To apply for the program follow the normal college application and enrollment process.  First semester students should take APT A130, Private Pilot Ground School and APT A133, Meteorology.