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Flight Training

​Orange Coast College provides flight training as part of it's professional flight program.  The college owns 2, PA-28 aircraft which are used for training through the commercial rating.  Vendor supplied aircraft are used for the commercial checkride and for multi-engine training. Use of college and vendor supplied aircraft provides students with up to a 30% discount on total flight training costs as compared to commercial flight schools.  Reference the Orange Coast College online catolog for a complete program description along with projected fees for training.  The catolog can be viewed at:

Training in OCC aircraft is administered through APT Flight lab courses.  To be eligible for flight lab students as a minimum must be enrolled in or have completed APT A130, Private Pilot Ground School,  College credit is not given for aeronautical ratings and every student admitted to the flight lab will complete the APT A130 course.  Admission to flight lab is limited and highly competitive.  Preference is given to students who are enrolled as full time students at the college with Aviation Pilot Training as their declared major field of study.

Flight lab training is eligible for Post 9/11 Veterans benefits.  Contact the OCC VA benefits administrator for more information.