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Why Choose Aviation Science at OCC

​How is this college program different from just going to a flight school?


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Although you could earn all the same FAA certificates by going to a reputable flight school. There are big advantages to making OCC a part of your aviation training:

  • You are able to count the flight training towards the college degree which saves you time over having to earn a degree separately from your flight training.

  • The Aviation Science A.S. college degree will allow you to move forward within your career. Even if you decide that you want to eventually earn a bachelor’s degree, the A.S. degree may allow you to begin your career sooner.

  • You will be a safer, more effective pilot and flight instructor with the knowledge you obtain in the aviation academic courses that go above and beyond what the FAA requires for certificates.

  • You will be surrounded by students who are on the same path as you, who help one another succeed, and will be the beginning of a critical network of contacts that will enhance your career.


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