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Aviation Science

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Welcome to Aviation Science. Our goal is to provide students with high quality, professionally oriented preparation for careers in the aviation industry . The focus of the program is on providing individuals interested in careers in the aviation industry with a defined path towards an Associates Degree and the certificates and ratings required to operate single and multi-engine aircraft as professional pilots.  In addition to our professional flight track, within our degree program a student has the option to concentrate on flight operations management rather than professional flight.  This educational track prepares students for careers in aviation other than flying.  Potential jobs include flight scheduling, dispatch, airport operations and fixed base operations support. This provides students with the job skills required to realize a fulfilling career in aviation without the large financial commitment that flight training can incur.

The entire process will take you 18-24 months. In that time we will take you step by step through the academic preparation necessary to enter the work force as a commercial pilot or as a flight operations specialist.

The road to becoming a pilot starts with earning certificates and ratings. The curriculum at OCC is designed to guide you through this process. The first certificate a pilot earns is Private pilot. After the requisite amount of experience is attained you then apply and test for a Commercial pilot certificate. Along the way a rating to fly in the weather (called an Instrument rating) is added. In addition, most people will also add a multi-engine rating shortly after getting their commercial certificate. At this point you are now licensed to fly multi-engine aircraft for pay. 

Even if your goal is not to be an aviation industry professional our program has a lot to offer.  If you just want to fly for fun and personal pleasure our ground school classes for Private Pilot satisfy all FAA requirements for written test preparation.  If an Instrument rating is your goal we offer the academic preparation for the FAA written exam .  Our advanced subject matter classes in aerodynamics, meteorology, navigation and aircraft systems give all aviators the opportunity to increase their knowledge.

Federal Gainful Employment Report

Use the link below to view Orange Coast College’s gainful employment reports. These reports provide you, the student, with important information regarding the costs, benefits and potential employment options of our certificate programs.


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