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Electronics Engineering Club

​​For senior day sp. '06 i used the electronics class and avionics class to create the "apocalypse now" simulation to assist in student enrollment. I used the airframe of a Hughes 500 Helicopter same as was used in the film.

Voltage Conversion:
The helicopter used a 24VDC battery so i had the electronic student make a "converter" 24VDC to 12VDC to operate the audio amp.

Electronics Engineer Club Converter

Voltage conversion part II:
The second conversion is a 24VDC to 4.5VDC converter to power the CD player. The PLAY/PAUSE button was paralleled to a N.O. SPST switch in the instrument panel.

Electronics Engineering Clud CD Player

Electronic engineering club Fall '05 semester.

Technology center room 226
Tuesday & Thursday 3pm-6pm
Friday 6pm-9pm

Discuss design work on individual, personal projects with instructor supervision.

Robert Castano Instructor 714-432-5745