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Arleen Hurtado

Arleen Hurtado grew up in southern California. Early in life she began playing the drums and she trained in ballet, jazz and tap.  On a trip to Spain she discovered flamenco, which appealed to her passion for both dance and percussion.   Arleen pursued her study of flamenco in Seville and Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, and in New Mexico, New York and California with world-renowned artists including Javier LaTorre, Javier Cruz, Manolo Marin, Torombo, Domingo Ortega, Rafaela Carrasco, Mario Maya, Inmaculada Ortega, and Mercedez Ruiz.  A love of music and culture also led her to study and practice other forms of world dance including Middle Eastern, North Indian Bhangra, Brazilian Samba and Salsa. Arleen has performed around the world, including five tours of the United States, as well as performances in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Beirut, Lebanon, Valencia, Spain, Italy and China.  In the US she has performed in theaters including Carnegie Hall in New York, Red Rocks in Denver, the Greek Theater in Los Angeles and Wolf Trap in Vienna, Virginia. Arleen has been featured in music videos, commercials, television, print ads and three PBS specials.  Based in Los Angeles, Arleen teaches weekly flamenco classes at Orange Coast College and continues to perform and tour with master flamenco guitarist and composer, Ben Woods.

Instructor of: Flamenco