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About Us

Since its origin in 1962, the OCC Dance program has embraced the philosophy that effective training for both professional and nonprofessional dancers requires more than just physical movement experience. In addition to training the dancer’s physical body to master technique, strength, flexibility and musicality within a particular dance form, the program guides students in exploring their own creative potential, introduces them to the artistry of professionals through live performances, develops their insight, perception, understanding and evaluative skills, and enhances wellness through the integration of mind, body and spirit.

OCC Dance faculty are recognized professionals in their areas of expertise. They are active performing artists and choreographers. Among their honors are many national, regional and local aw​ards, performance histories with highly esteemed dance companies and choreographers, international performances and film credits. Accompanists for dance classes are highly accomplished musicians and composers.
Our curriculum​ serves as preparation for serious dancers wishing to transfer to universities and offers classes that take dancers from beginning to advanced levels. Classes include ballet, modern, jazz, tap, world dance forms, choreography, improvisation, appreciation of dance, music for dancers, repertoire, rehearsal and performance, kinesiology for dancers, dance methodology, plus Gyrokinesis and a comprehensive Pilates program.​

Performance and choreography opportunities include Faculty Dance Concert (fall semester), Student Dance Concert (spring semester), World Dance Celebration (spring semester) and Studio Hour, a fully produced theatre performance offered at the close of each semester. The OCC Dance Department participates and performs each year at the American College Dance Festival. Faculty members also provide students outside performance opportunities both locally and with their companies.


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