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Questions About Spring 2021

FAQs -OCC Dance Dept- Spring 2021


The OCC Dance Department is currently following college and state Covid-19 safety guidelines. The campus is currently closed to students and faculty. There are no on-campus classes or concerts scheduled for Spring 2021. Registration is open and all of our dance classes will be offered "Live Online." This is similar to an in-person class with set meeting times and offered over the online video-chat program, ZOOM. Here are some tips to ensure that you are getting the most out of your OCC intensive experience!


1. How will classes be conducted this Spring (2021)?

ALL of our dance courses will be taught virtually- synchronously "Live Online." (during

the set class schedule), via ZOOM. Only our DANC 200 course has a section taught

exclusively "online" (asynchronously). Attendance, and PARTICIPATION is the most

important part of any dance class. A ZOOM class will be as close to an in-person dance

class as possible- expect corrections, reinforcements, and interactions with your



2. What do I do to get ready for the semester?

Download Zoom onto your computer ( You should have a PC (Windows 7 or 10) or Mac (OSX Mojave or higher). Mobile phones are not always sufficient, but downloading the Zoom app is a good idea. You must have Wifi, or Internet of some kind to access Zoom and a working webcam! You should do a Zoom TEST before the first class. Also make sure your device(s) are charged before each class and/or, have a charger ready in case the battery runs low! You must also be sure you have CANVAS downloaded onto all of your devices. This is how you will receive your syllabi and any information (announcements, assignments, readings, viewings, and all your exams) your instructor wants you to have. You can set your notifications to go to your personal email if you'd like. Canvas is where you will also receive links to "Zoom" into your classes.



• Make sure that you have logged onto your device a minimum of 5 minutes before the start of class to allow for technical difficulties to be solved if they arise.

• Class times are in Pacific Time!

• When you click on your ZOOM class link, you may either be put into a "waiting room" and the instructor will let you in or will use a passcode. Your instructor will let you know their preference.



• When you first enter class, please turn your camera on, and mute your microphone.

• Please match the name on your ZOOM account to your registration name so we know it is YOU.

• After the class has begun, be sure to leave your microphone off, turn it on only when the instructor prompts.

• Set up your webcam/ computer so that your body may be seen to the fullest extent while moving. We understand that space will differ significantly from person to person. We also understand that you may live with other people (or animals) and may be interrupted-- things happen, but stay focused!

• If you have technical difficulties, please use the chat feature, rather than interrupting the class by speaking. Do not spend time "chatting" with other students.

• Please do not record or photograph your class. Your teacher may record the class for anyone who misses a session/lecture.


3. Do I need anything special for my dance courses?

Proper attire and / or dance shoes for each class (your instructor will advise you of their expectations), and any equipment you may need (Yoga mat for Yoga..etc). Once again, you MUST have a working webcam so your instructor (s) can see your entire body. You must also have sufficient space to move safely inside – or outside- your home "studio." (Which could be your bedroom, living room, kitchen, patio...etc). For ballet you'll need a sturdy chair or counter to use as your barre. For Tap or Flamenco, you'll need the right surface so your instructor can also hear what you are doing. You'll need water to stay hydrated and a positive attitude!


4. What about lecture courses?

For Methodology, Music for Dancers, Kinesiology, Dance 200 and any other lecture courses you will still need a working webcam. You must treat your courses as you would if they were meeting F2F. Attendance, and PRESENCE is important to actively participate in the course discussions and other activities.


5. What does it mean that placement will be assessed the "first week of the course"?

If you register for a higher level course (i.e. Ballet 3) and are new to OCC, your instructor will -during the first few days of the course- confirm that you are in the correct level. Take note that many of our classes are "cross-listed", meaning that Ballet 2, 3 and 4 may all be taught at the same time. Instructors adjust for differing levels.


Most importantly, enjoy your classes, and stay safe!