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Music Department

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The Orange Coast College Music Department is a place where you'll make beautiful music, lasting friendships, and a path to a rewarding career or a lifelong passion. Our programs are designed to provide dedicated students with the knowledge and experience they need to transfer to top four-year institutions and to succeed in the highly competitive business of music. OCC's outstanding faculty, top-notch ensembles, and commitment to helping our students become complete musicians has produced a legacy of talented and successful graduates who are leaving their mark on the worlds of classical and commercial music.


Orange Coast College is located close to the heart of the entertainment industry in Costa Mesa, California. Our programs are designed to help provide the serious student with the theory, hands-on training and performing experience needed for success in the highly competitive music industry. Traditional music courses and transfer programs are tightly integrated with music industry courses to provide comprehensive programs.

We encourage our students to become proficient in a wide variety of musical styles, and to be aware of the many career alternatives open to them.

Contact Eliza Rubenstein | Music Department Chair | Orange Coast College

2701 Fairview Road, P.O. Box 5005 | Costa Mesa, CA 92628-5005
714.432.0202, ext. x21072|


Federal Gainful Employment Report

Use the link below to view Orange Coast College’s gainful employment reports. These reports provide you, the student, with important information regarding the costs, benefits and potential employment options of our certificate programs.
Federal Gainful Employment Reports - Music Busin​ess Employee
Federal Gainful Employment Reports - Music Entertainer Instrumental 
Federal Gainful Employment Reports - Music Entertainer Vocal 
Federal Gainful Employment Reports - Music MIDI Applications
Federal Gainful Employment Reports - Music Studio Guitar Performer 



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