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Jul 08
Fall 2019: Information for music-makers!

​Welcome to the OCC Music Department! If you're interested in taking a music class or joining an ensemble this fall, you'll find lots of information on this website, but we're happy to answer your questions, too! Here's a handy who's-who:

If you're interested in singing in a choir, taking a voice class, or taking voice lessons, contact Eliza Rubenstein at

If you'd like to play in the OCC Symphony, contact Dr. Maxim Kuzin at

If you're a pianist---or you'd like to become a pianist---contact Dr. Brian Gould at

If you'd like to play in the OCC Jazz Ensembles, contact Paul Navidad at

If you'd like to join the OCC Wind Ensemble, contact Dana Wheaton at

And if none of those works for you, try Eliza at, and she'll answer your questions or direct you to the right faculty member! Thanks, and we look forward to making music with you this year. Have a great summer!