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Photo Lab


​​​​​​​​​Courses in Photography

Anyone with an interest in photography, whether beginner, advanced amateur or professional, will find a course or certificate program within the photography program that will teach them new skills or prepare them for a career in photography.

The OCC Photography program is intended to prepare students for employment in a number of specialization areas within the field of professional photography.

The student, after completing the first year foundation courses, may elect to take advanced courses in commercial photography, advertising illustration, portraiture, architectural photography, fashion photography, documentary photography, multi-media presentations, photo journalism, retouching and business practices for photographers.

In addition to courses intended to train photographers, the program also includes several black and white and color laboratory classes for professional photographers who wish to learn new skills or for those who are interested in careers as photographic laboratory technicians.

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Information on Transferring Courses

All courses numbered 100 or higher are transferable to the California State Universities (CSU). Courses that are transferable to the University of California are designated 'UC.' Some of these courses have limits on the amount of credit that is granted. See the UC Transferable Course List available in the Counseling Center or Transfer Center for these limitations. Courses that are non-credit or not AA degree applicable are designated with the letter 'N' preceding the course number. Identification of courses that have been accepted into the California Articulation Number (CAN) system appears after the course title.