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What can I do if the class I want is closed?

Go to the first class meeting of the semester and 'petition' to be added to the class roster. It doesn't hurt to show up a little early. Your chances of getting in are pretty high (say 75%).

Do I need to come to lab classes the first week, even if it's before the first Lecture meeting?

Yes! Yes!! YES!!!

How much will it cost to take Intro to Photography?

The basis cost for taking Intro to Photography is approx. $350-$400. This would cover registration, fees and supplies. Some of the cost will spread over 5 months. It may sound like a lot, but it's the best bargain going in photo education. (By far the best!.)

What is the difference between a 'materials fee' and an 'equipment use fee'?

A Materials Fee of either $40 is charged for materials consumed by students in each photo class taken. The Equipment Use Fee of $60 is paid by photo students who want to use OCC equipment. It is paid only once each semester, regardless of the number of classes being taken.

Who needs to pay the 'equipment use fee'?

It is optional (if you provide absolutely everything for yourself you do not need to pay it), but more than 95% of our students do pay this fee and borrow our equipment. It's a great deal: $60 accesses you to more than million worth of photo gear for 4 months!

Where and when can I pay my fees?

Both fees must be paid at the Bursars Office. You must present your OCC student ID card and student program to the Bursars Office. They will print you two ticket receipts which you then take directly to the photo equipment checkout room in the Art Center (the cage.) We will then give you a sticker on your student ID card and input you into our database.

How can I get in touch with an instructor before the class meets?

Instructors can be contacted through their campus voice mail or e-mail, or by leaving a note in their mailbox in the Administration Building. However, being honest, the days and weeks preceding each semester are vacation days and getting in touch with an instructor during vacation is difficult. Still, it doesn't hurt to try.

I took photo in high school, so.....can I skip Intro to Photography?

Sometimes, but not always. It depends upon what your high school class covered, how well you learned what was being taught, and how recent that experience was. Good idea: bring some of your work with you to the first day of class and show it to the instructor. They can then help you to decide what class is best or right for you.

Do I need to have the same instructor for lecture and lab?

No. All labs cover exactly the same material in exactly the same order. You should register for the best available (some may be filled) Intro to Photography lab, the one which has the most convenient time for your life and college schedule. Some students like having the same instructor for both, when that is possible and convenient, while others prefer hearing the information from differing points of view.

Do I need to have my own camera?

No. You can use your own camera, if it is appropriate for the work assigned, but most students use OCC photo equipment for at least part of their work, and many use our gear 100% of the time. Take advantage of us! The equipment we provide is excellent. Again: the $60 'equipment use fee' is a really good deal.

I missed my Film Processing Demo, What should I do?

Check the lab schedule and find another A120 lab that occurs during the same week and attend it. Simply tell the instructor that you somehow missed your own lab and need to make it up, they will let you be a guest for the day. You REALLY need this demo so make the effort to attend. Keep in mind that all the lab demos are the same as long as you make them up the same week. (the following week is a new demo) If for some reason you just couldn't get it together and you missed the film processing demo AND failed to attend another lab during the same week then watch this video and read these instructions (Its not the same as being there)