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​​​​​For applications, award amounts and more detailed information, please visit the "Student Resources" section of our website.

High School Scholarship - "Who am I?"​          Apply On-Line​

​Two ​seperate awards for graduating High School students. Scholarship winnners must enroll in at least six units of photography classes at OCC in the Fall Semester following the award.

​​​Fascinated by Light - The Rick Steadry Scholarship

For a returning or non-returning student. Must be enrolled in 3 or more total units in the current semeter. Award winning returning students must enroll in at least 3 units in the OCC School of Photography during the coming Fall semester.

2015 Recipient - TBA 

Art Photography Scholarship

For students returning to OCC in Fall 2016. Photography is now in the mainstream of contemporary art. This scholarship is awarded to a student who shows great promise and passion in expressing their artistic creativity through the medium of photography.
  • ​​Must have completed or be concurrently enrolled in Art Photography and Contemporary Art History.
  • The completed scholarship project must be displayed in a campus gallery by the end of Spring 2017.
  • Also, digital documentation of the project and artist's statement must be submitted to the Photography department's website coordinator at the time of the gallery exhibition.

2​014 Recipient - Jackie Castillo

2013 Recipient - Melissa Avilez

2012 Recipient - Cierra Lopez

2011 Recipient - Mike Dionne

Pro Photo Connection Scholarship

For a returning or non-returning student.


Phototgraphy Social Issues Scholarship

For student returning to OCC for the following Fall & Spring semesters. Photographers can change the world! Their art form has the power to document, inform, educate, and inspire positive social change. The recipient of this scholarship exemplifies a special dedication to making the world a better place through their experience in completeing a documentary photography project.
  • ​​A Portfolio (15 or more prints) that demonstrates an in-depth engagement with the photographer's chosen subject resulting in a cohesive documentary project.
  • Prior completion, or concurrent enrollment in Documentary Photography is preferred.
  • Special Projects study with a Photo Faculty member is highly encouraged and required if Documentary Photography has not been completed.
  • The portfolio and statement must be prepared for display on the OCC Photo website and /or in a campus venue, or other loacations.
2013 Recipient - Omar De La Riva
"Santa Ana"
2012 Recipient - Julie Sadowski
​"The Good Fight" 

Honors Night Photography Scholarship

For a student returning to OCC next Fall. Must be enrolled in 6 or more total units in the current semester and have a cumulative OCC GPA of 2.50 or higher. Must also enroll in 6 or more total units in the coming Fall semester. Intended for a promising student in the initial portion or the Photography Program. Students in Introducation to Photography applying for the Honors Night Photography Scholarship are encouraged to submit digital files of their images (as well as prints) but it is not strictly required.


Rick Malmin Memorial Photography Award

For student returning to OCC in the Fall Semester, commercial orientation preferred. In loving memory of Rick Malmin, Orange Coast College alumnus and professional photographer. Rick's career spanned the spectrum of professional photography - journalism, advertising, and commercial work. His work won several awards and culminated in a one-man posthumous show. After Rick's tragic and untimely death during a photographic assignment, his family and friends created this perpetual award which will be awarded annually to photography students who best exemplify Rick's photography ideals. Rick will be missed as a man and as an artist but it is our hope that some of him will live on in the recipients of this award.

2009/2010 Recipient - Michelle Makhoul


Adrienne Sudweeks Memorial Photography Fund

For student returning to OCC in the Fall Semester. All who knew her wish to honor the memor of Adrienne "Sunny" Sudweeks with a scholarship in her name to be awarded to an Orange Coast College photography student.

2009/2010 Recipient - Will Marques


Photography Faculty Award

For a returning or non-returning student. The Photography Department at OCC has received national recognition for many years. Faculty and staff work has been displayed in major publications and received numerous awards. The intent of this faculty-sponsored award is to recognized talent and achievement by an OCC student.

2015 Recipient - TBA
2010 Recipient - Kendall Core
2009 Recipient - Kevin Mantel
2008 Recipient - Jared Marson

Virgilio (JR) Dobluis Memorial Photography Award

For student returning to OCC in the Fall semester. The Photography Department wishes to honor the memory of 'JR' Dobluis with a permanently endowed scholarship in his name.