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The Repertory



The OCC Theatre Department Proudly Presents:

The OCC Repertory Theatre Company  (THE REP!)



Starting in 1985, theatre professors Bill Purkiss, Alex Golson and Rick Golson and the OCC theatre department created a revolutionary new class providing students with a theatre company of their own. Since then the very busy student members of The Rep (THEA A131-134) and of the Directing Class (THEA A181-182) have created a full season of plays, incl​​​uding many critically-acclaimed original works every year.

Today our Rep students direct, act, write, design and do all the many tasks required to create a full season of theatre productions under the faculty supervision of Tom Bruno and Cynthia Corley. 

Many Rep alumni have gone on to found their own theatre companies, to become published playwrights, or to run or work at established theatre companies and in film and television. We believe the hands-on training a dedicated Rep member receives in their time with us is a vitally important part of a comprehensive theatre training program.

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to see some photos of past Rep shows!


2020-2021 Repertory Productions


FALL 2020 and SPRING 2021 REP

Due to Covid-19 safety precautions, the OCC Theatre Repertory season will be online. Join us as we roll out an exciting and innovative season of works on the internet!

                                        The OCC Rep blog

Podcasts! Zoom Performances!  More!    Visit our new OCC Theatre Repertory Blog!

----Showcasing the efforts of our Rep student members as they create:----

New scenes, short plays, monologues, devised musical, dance and movement pieces, short films and more!

Scenes from classic plays, performed and adapted to this new media!

Designs, artwork and music created to enhance the performances!

We will be creating new content all the time, and posting it for you to enjoy. Please follow us on social media to keep up with the latest works from The Rep as we explore this new territory for online theatre!

Please follow us on social media for all the latest OCC Theatre Department news and updates.

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Wonder what OCC's Rep was doing before Covid-19? Here's a peek at our 2019-2020 Repertory Productions*

We hope to be back in the Drama Lab Studio by Fall 2021, to bring you exciting live theatre again!

*For photos of past Rep productions, please scroll down past the 2019-2020 season information, or visit our Facebook and Instagram pages!



It’s like a tasting menu for theatre! A variety of short dramatic and comic scenes will feature the talents of our newest members of the Rep along with our returning Rep members. Both modern and classical works provide something for everyone.      

September 13, 14 & 15 2019 at 7:30pm

Tickets are free.   Donations are gratefully accepted

Mature Audiences​






Something Wickeder 2019 written by Jill Johnson   

October 12 & 13, 19 & 20 2019 at 7:30pm

                   The Rep explores the darkness lurking behind the bright smiles of happy suburban families. What is Mother hiding behind her apron? What did Dad bury behind the garage last night? Prepare for a scare!   

Free            Donations gratefully accepted 

Recommended for mature audiences



 An Old-Fashioned Christmas Melodrama and Ice Cream S​ocial 2019

The Rep's biggest show of the season!   Written by David Scaglione and Directed by Rick Golson

Featuring an original comic holiday melodrama "Christmas at the Lodge of the Slender Pine"
Boo the villain, cheer the hero, and enjoy a free ice cream treat in our annual holiday melodrama and sing-a-long. Fun for the whole family! 
​A special visitor is also expected... 

December 6 and 13 at 7pm

December 7and 14 at 2:30pm and 7:00pm 

December 8 and 15 at 2:30pm


desperate writer.png

Plays Made in a Day!


Are we nuts? Could be! Here we go for our 9th year in a row!  Under the (brave or foolhardy-we haven't decided yet) direction of Sean "Wild Card" Engard the talented members of The Rep will write, direct and stage 5 short plays in just 24 hours. Come see what happens, and please bring us coffee!  

  February 8 and 9, 2020   at 7:30pm

Drama Lab Studio 

Tickets are Free     Donations are gratefully accepted

     Mature Audiences

Neo- Futurist plays by Greg Allen    

February 22, 23 and 29 2020 at 7:30pm

March 1 at 7:30pm

The challenge: present 30 "Neo Futurist" plays in under 60 minutes! Chosen in random order by the audience, these plays are chaotic, funny, tragic and political. This is the longest-running play in Chicago history! Prepare yourself to interact with a very energetic cast...  

This is our fourth crazy, laugh-filled year--come see what's new!

 Definitely recommended for mature audiences. No, really, adults only.    

Click below to watch our 2017 production of TMLMTBGB! 

"Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind" by the Orange Coast College Repertory. Spring 2017


Drama Lab Studio

Tickets are free   Donations are gratefully accepted

    Mature Audiences




Take Five

April 4, 5 and 11 2020 at 7:30 

How much can you experience in just five minutes? Find out in this festival of very short plays. 


Drama Lab Studio
Free--Donations gratefully accepted





One Act Play Festival 2020


This eclectic festival is an annual tradition. As the culmination of our year, the Rep presents a wide variety of both published plays and original works by Rep playwrights who have been working hard all year on their scripts.

Special thanks to Sean Engard for his guidance and expertise leading our REP student playwriting workshop all year!


                           Playing Saturday May 16 and Sunday May 23 at 7:30pm:


                            Playing Sunday May 17 and Saturday May 24 at 7:30pm

                                                                     Drama Lab Studio

Free-- Donations gratefully accepted

                                                                      Mature Audiences

 For a listing of our Faculty-Directed productions, please click on ​

Faculty Directed Productions​




Our 2019 Holiday Melodrama: Christmas at the Lodge of the Slender Pine

Written by David Scaglione, Directed by Rick Golson

Bella and the Bashful Beast of Bedford.jpg

Holiday Melodrama: Bella and the Bashful Beast of Bedford

Joey Shapiro TMLMTBGB 2020.jpg

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind      Spring 2020

60815741_10211794126563581_2333340940325879808_n (1).jpg

Tech time in the Drama Lab Studio Theatre


Something Wicked      October 2018

Earnest 2010three.jpg

The Importance of Being Earnest     April 2010

Rep Meeting Fall 2011.jpg

Rep Class Meeting 2011   Rep student Artistic Director Joon Hur leads the meeting.

Take Five Feb 2019.jpg

Take Five    Spring 2019


Professors Rick Golson and Cynthia Corley hard at work...


Theatre Nouveau 2018     Scene from "Henry V"


Painting the stage for Something Wicked 2017  

Student Artistic Director Emerald Nguyen and director Jill Johnson

One Acts 2018.jpg

2018 One Acts cast and crew

Rep reunion.jpg

30 year Rep Reunion!


Holiday Melodrama 2004
Xmas 2011peppermint prince.jpg


 Holday Melodrama 2011

All in the Timing WordsWordsWords 2014.jpg

All in the Timing 2014


Holday Melodrama--"One of Santa's Reindeer is Missing!"

Monster Brigade to the Rescue 2014.jpg


 Holiday Melodrama 2015. Awesome moster costumes by student costume designer Sara Egger.