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Commercial Art

Do you love being immersed in the fantastic worlds of popular culture and wondered about who imagined and created these worlds? Do you think you might have the imagination to create these worlds too? Find out about Commercial Art programs in Narrative Illustration and Entertainment Art. In these programs you will learn how to develop your artistic skills and creativity for careers in animation, feature films, video games, graphic novels, and illustrated books.

Wondering which program is best for you? Watch this video below that compares the two career paths.


How do I sign up? 

It is very important to declare your major. After you enroll at OCC and meet with your counselor, ask them to put the Narrative Illustration certificate, Entertainment Art certificate or both in your Ed Plan. You can begin classes before declaring but everything works better when you declare ASAP.

Where can I get more info?

For more info or a tour of the department please contact Program Coordinator Chris Kerins via email at, leave a message at (714) 432-5186 or come by the Illustration & Entertainment Art studio in Art Center room 322.