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The heart of our Commercial Art program is the new Illustration & Entertainment Art studio in OCC's Art Center building. The studio was conceived as a hybrid studio that has 18 new 24" 4K Wacom Cintiq tablet based workstations around the perimeter for digital art creation and an 18 foot long team table for meetings and traditional media in the center of the space. 75" flat screen displays are on both ends of the room for instruction and project display. The studio also serves as a place for students to socialize and work on projects between classes.

Also serving the program within the Art department are 2 painting studios, 1 Drawing studio, 3 art studios, a 3D Design studio, sculpture studio, wood shop, metal shop and a student gallery for students to showcase their work. Other facilities available to Commercial Art students on campus include 3 DMAD computer labs, VR and motion capture studios, Film and TV studios, editing bays and a state-of-the-art Makerspace with plastic, resin, wax and clay 3D printers.

Where can I get more info?

For more info or a tour of the department please contact Program Coordinator Chris Kerins via email at, leave a message at (714) 432-5186 or come by the Illustration & Entertainment Art studio in Art Center room 322.