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Honors Counseling

Honors Counselors are specialists among the counseling faculty, but they do not exclusively see Honors Program students. Consequently, their availability may be quite limited in a given week. Honors counseling
is available in Watson Hall through the Counseling Department (3rd floor) and the Transfer Center (2nd floor).
Honors counseling may include Honors Program eligibility and benefits, (honors) transfer preparation, selection of transfer institutions, course selection, selection of major and alternate major, certification for honors transfer, policy appeals, academic renewal, career guidance, issues of a personal nature, referrals to campus and off-campus resources, concerns about academic performance, and much more. 

Walk-Ins (no appointment):
Any student who needs an answer to a quick question related to eligibility, enrollment, and continuing participation in the Honors Program, Honors transfer, or other honors benefits or requirements, may visit the Counseling Appointment Counter on the 3rd floor of Watson Hall to ask when an Honors Counselor is scheduled to provide assistance at the Resource Desk for walk-ins. The counter staff will have information for the current day and may have the information for a few days further in the future.

By Appointment:
All students seeking Honors counseling on an appointment basis should have transcripts from high school and any other colleges attended, as well as AP scores (if applicable), on file with the OCC Records Office at least one month before meeting with an Honors Counselor. It is also preferred that a new student bring with them copies of these documents in case the official copies are not yet accessible to the counselor.

To make a counseling appointment (honors or non-honors), Plan to be in line by 8 a.m. at the 3rd floor Counseling Appointment Desk on any Thursday morning to book an appointment for the following week. Appointments are also available by phone at (714) 432-5078 or online. *** Warning: Appointments fill quickly. Often by 9:30 or 10:00am, all appointments for the following week have been scheduled.***

You will need your student ID number and date of birth. Online appointments become available at 8am Thursday mornings for the following week only. Be sure you know the names of honors counselor(s) with whom you wish to meet (Dr. Carol Barnes, Linda Bagatourian, Eileen Tom, or Eric Cuellar).

If asking a friend or family member to make the appointment for you, be sure they have your student ID and birth date, the names of honors counselors, and several days and times during the next week when you’ll be available to meet with a counselor.
For booking an appointment with an Honors Counselor in the Transfer Center on the 2nd floor of Watson Hall (Bagatourian or Tom), you may visit in person or phone 714.432.5894 during regular office hours. Fall appointments may be not be available until mid-October.
Watson Hall 3rd floor – Counseling Appointment Desk Appointments available online or by in-person request
Watson Hall 2nd floor – Transfer Center Appointments available by telephone (714.432.5894) or by in-person request 
Dr. Carol Barnes (lead), Eric Cuellar
Linda Bagatourian, Eileen Tom