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Off Campus Access Login Instructions

To log in to the library databases from off campus, click on the database name you wish to access on the Periodicals and Electronic Resources page.

As of April 1st, 2018, Orange Coast College has moved to a Single Sign On method for computer services. In order to smooth the transition, we are allowing Library patrons to use the method of their choice, the new way or the old way.

SSO (the new login method):


login screenshot.jpg

Click on the blue button (pictured above) in your browser and you will see a login form. Use your COAST username and password to log in -- the same information that you use to log into labs and other on-campus computers.

IF you HAVE logged onto a computer on campus – your ID/password are the same as the computer ID/password.

IF you HAVE NOT logged onto a computer on campus – your password might be the default with the following format:

Username: Your username will be the same as your MyOCC username.

Password: First letter of the first name in upper case, the first letter of the last name in lower case and the birthdate in a 6 digit format.


First name: Don

Temporary Password:


Last name: Smith

Birthday: March 27 1986

If you have problems logging in, contact IT directly at (714) 438 8188.

Student/Staff ID (old method):


If you wish to log on from off campus in the same way you have in the past, follow these instructions:

Please note that your ID should be entered with a dash after the first 4 numbers and without the "C". For example, if your ID is C12345678, it would be entered like this: 1234-5678. When entering your name, capitalization does not matter. If you have a hyphenated last name, include the hyphen.

If you are a staff or faculty member and do not know your staff ID, please click here.

If you have entered everything correctly and are still unable to login, try a different web browser. Some people are unable to login with Internet Explorer. Try using Firefox or Chrome instead.

For further assistance, call the Reference Desk at 714-432-5900 or email us.