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Enrolling into Online Classes

  1. ​​​​​​​Choose your Online class- For more information on online courses, see the OCC online schedule. Go to the OCC Online Schedule and select the semester you are interested in from the class schedule.
  2. Apply and register- Follow the same Enrollment Procedures as on-campus classes. You may register online, through MyOCC, by using the. For additional information, refer to the OCC Admissions & Records web page.

  3. Buy your textbook. You may purchase your textbooks at the OCC Bookstore on campus, or online via the OCC Bookstore's website.  If your course requires an access code, make sure that you purchase it with your book.

  4. You must officially register before you can be added to an online class. Do not submit a technical request to be added into your class, as you will be added in automatically upon your registration.

  5. After you officially register, remember to email your online instructor by Wednesday of the first week of your class for instructions to begin. (You can find his or her email address by searching the Direc​tory pages of this website.) If you do not e​mail your instructor by Wednesday of the first week, you might not be eligible to continue in the course.
  6. Preparing for Your Online Class. You need to:
    -   Log In to MyOCC
    -   Become familiar with the Blackboard environment
    -   Prepare your computer for your Online classes

To do this you need to select the 'Preparing for Your Online Class' menu item on the left hand side of the OCC Online Classes Website.

To start your class, go to the "Starting Your Class" link at the left and follow the directions provided.