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Steps to Participation

​Step 1: Brainstorm Topics to Explore

In ANY discipline, think about possible topics for a research or non-research project that interests you.  You can narrow it down with your mentor later.

Step 2: Find a Mentor

Find a mentor from:

  • Our list of Potential Mentors 

  • If you are able attend the optional “Getting Started” workshop Sept 13, 2019, 1:15-3:15pm at Legact Hall 101

  • The optional Mentor Mixer event Oct 3 2019, 1:15-3:15pm at Legact Hall 101

  • Ask a faculty or staff member

Step 3: Choose Your Project

  • Discuss ideas with your mentor
  • Start your project
  • If you need up to $100 for associoated costs fill out the Funding Request Form with your mentor.

Step 4: Intent to Submit Form

Take 2 minutes to fill out the Intent to Submit Form  by Oct 29, 2019

Step 5: Continue Your Project

Continue work on your project with your mentor’s guidance.

Step 6: First Draft of your Abstract 

Attend one of the “Abstract Workshops” (TBA) Turn in the First Draft of your Abstract by Dec 3, 2019

Step 7: Abstract Revisions

Continue your project or research and turn in your Abstract Revisions by Feb 21, 2020

Step 8: Prepare to Present

Get ready to present your work as either a

  • Poster presentation

  • Oral presentation 

  • Exhibition of work

Attend some preparation workshops that will be emailed to you if you are able to.  Here is the Symposium Scoring Rubric.

Step 9: Compete for Monetary Prizes at the Symposium Event! March 6

Prize categories are dependent on submissions.

Contact Information

Rachel Ridnor -

Hannah Kang -

Organizing Team

Dean Abernathy • Shazia Aziz • Audrey Crouse • Brittni Doty • Kelli Elliott • Robert Ellis • Jerome Fang • Melissa Ferguson • Tara Giblin • Ulrike Green• Amy Hellman • Hannah Kang • Jon Mochizuki • Duy Pham • Rachel Ridnor •  Brent Rudmann •  Guido Sendowsky • Michael Sutliff