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Symposium Design Contest

Past 2020 Contest Summary

The Giles T. Brown Symposium seeks to engage students in academic and artistic exploration and inquiry while fostering the spirit of collaboration and community. The new design should reflect these values while meeting the following specifications. 



Required Specifications: 

  • Stationary (non-moving) image 
  • High Resolution (minimum 300dpi) 
  • Aspect ratio: Cinemascope (21:9) 
  • Submission format: pdf, png, jpeg 
    • Those submitting digital creations should provide source files 
  • Required Colors: 
    • #0A5877 – rgb (10, 88, 119)
    • #49A6B7 – rgb (73, 166, 183)
    • #C6E3CC – rgb (198, 227, 204)
    • #ECAB2B – rgb (236, 171, 43)
    • Artist may include additional colors 

Current Design: 


   Ratio: 1101 x 583 pixels 

   Preferred Ratio: 21:9 

Optional Specifications: 

  • Incorporate either phrasing in design: 
    • Giles T. Brown Symposium 
    • OCC Student Project and Research Symposium 
  • Animation/gif in addition to a stationary image 
  • Multiple submissions are allowed

Submission Details (past event)



Only students of Orange Coast College are eligible for this contest and its scholarship.

$200 Scholarship for the Winner

The Giles T. Brown Symposium reserves the right to not use the winning design.