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Past Symposiums


Please view the 2017 list of presenters and abstracts.

2017 Winners

Best overall presentation:  Ryan Banh  

Affordable Housing & Housing Affordability in Orange County, Faculty sponsor: Chris Quinn, Geography

Ryan Bahn grand prize winner of the symposum with Dean Dr. Michael Sutliff 


Katherine Conway with Dean Dr. Michael Sutliff

Best Poster presentation: Katherine Conway

The Cause and Effect Relationship Between Exercise and Depression in Community College Students, Faculty sponsor: Dr. Hannah Kang, Psychology

Sebastian Valadez with Dean Dr. Michael Sutliff

Best presentation of literature review:  Sebastian Valadez 

Fermentation & The Microbiome, Faculty sponsor: Richard Pittman, Food & Nutrition

Jessica Vieira with Dean Dr. Michael Sutliff

Award of Merit:  Jessica Vieira 

Utilizing Priming to Determine Cultural Effects on Narcissism, Faculty sponsor: Dr. Hannah Kang, Psychology

Contact Information

Rachel Ridnor -

Hannah Kang -

Organizing Team

Hannah Kang • Rachel Ridnor • Greg Russell • Jerome Fang   Amy Hellman Kelli Elliot • Ulirike Green  Duy Pham • Arjun Nair • Robert Ellis • Isabel Archuleta • Karen Baker • Michael Sutliff • Tara Giblin