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Past Symposia

2019 Event (In the news)

Abstracts:  2019 list of presenters and abstracts



First Author, $1,000 plus $500 from an annoymous doner:  Olivia Jäggi (In the news)

Title: A Comparative Study on Suicide Prevention

Mentor: Ulrike Green, Anthroplogy

winner and mentor

Best Poster & Exhibition of Work, $500:  Caitlin Bates

Mantle Xenoliths of the Mojave Desert, Mentor, Erik Bender, Geology

Best Oral Presentation of Original Research, $500:  Alice Dang

Residential Segregation and the Effect on Education of High School Students in the Newport-Mesa, Mentors, Jordan Stanton, History & Rachel Ridnor, Sociology

Best Oral Presentation of Literature Review, $500:  Matt Morton

How Deforestation Negatively Affects Local Climates, Mentor

Ulrike Green, Anthroplogy

Runner-up Poster & Exhibition of Work$100: Maher Hussein

Homemade Solar Cell Efficiency 

Mentor, Taylor Fry, Astronomy

Runner-up Oral Presentation of Original Research, $100: Laura Minor

The Light We Cannot See: Variation of Biofluorescence and Coloration of Captive Condylactis Gigantea Anemone, Mentor, Robert Ellis, Marine Science

Runner-up Oral Presentation of Literature Review,$100:  
Trent Stradley

Proposal for Public Artwork on Campus, Mentor, Tyler Stallings, Doyle Arts Pavillion Director

2018 Event (In the news)


Abstracts: 2018 list of presenters and abstracts.


First Author, $1,500:  Jonathan Stockman (In the news)

Title: Accommodating the Baby-boomer Generation  

Mentors: Rachel Ridnor, Sociology & Chris Quinn, Geography

Jonathan Stockman andone of his mentors Rachel Ridnor

Best Poster Presentation, $500: Mahdokt Hamidan

Fruit Preservation Cream, 
Mentor, Amy Hellman, Chemistry

Best Presentation of Project, $500:  Lyvia Yoho

Media and its Selective Reporting of Crime, Mentor, Ulrike Green, Anthropology

Best Presentation of Research, $500: Jonathan Stockman

Accommodating the Baby-boomer Generation, Mentors, Rachel Ridnor, 

Sociology & Chris Quinn, Geography

Runner-up Poster 
Presentation, $100: 
Adolfo Alan Garduno, Alondra Chavez, Trang Troung, Khiara Bankston, James Kerrigan, Oceana Russo, and Jolly Tardos

How Social Media Use Influenced by Self-Esteem and Underlying Internal Factors Affects Social Relationships and Psychological Health in College Students, 
Mentors, Lien Pham, Psychology & Ura Masako, Psychology (In the news)

Runner-up Presentation of Project, $100: Jocelyn Rodriquez
The Evolution of Anxiety, Mentor, Jan Goerrissen, Biology

Runner-up Presentation of
Research, $100: Jonathan Sorenson
Aquaponics as a preferential alternative to traditional farming methods in regards to plant growth, Mentor, Robert Ellis, Marine Science

Event Album:

All the participants and the planning committee

Event Organizers:

Planning team

2017 Event

Abstracts: 2017 list of presenters and abstracts.


Best overall presentation:  Ryan Banh  

Affordable Housing & Housing Affordability in Orange County, Mentor, Chris Quinn, Geography

Ryan Bahn grand prize winner of the symposum with Dean Dr. Michael Sutliff 


Best Poster Presentation: Katherine Conway

The Cause and Effect Relationship Between Exercise and Depression in Community College Students, Mentor, Hannah Kang, Psychology

Best Presentation of Literature Review:  Sebastian Valadez 

Fermentation & The Microbiome, Mentor, Richard Pittman, Food & Nutrition

Award of Merit:  Jessica Vieira 

Utilizing Priming to Determine Cultural Effects on Narcissism, Mentor, Hannah Kang, Psychology

Contact Information

Rachel Ridnor -

Hannah Kang -

Organizing Team

Dean Abernathy • Melissa Archibald • Jessica Asbell • Shazia Aziz • Angelina Bargeron • Diane Brown • Lori Cassidy • Audrey Crouse • Katherine Donahue • Brittni Doty • Kelli Elliott • Robert Ellis • Jerome Fang • Melissa Ferguson • Tara Giblin • Ulrike Green• Amy Hellman • Hannah Kang • Jon Mochizuki • Duy Pham • Rachel Ridnor • Eliza Rubenstein • Brent Rudmann •  Guido Sendowsky • Michael Sutliff