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Past Symposia

2021 Event


morgan reyes.png

First Author, $1500: Morgan Reyes

Title: A Comparative Approach To The Treatment Options For Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome

Mentor: Michael Sutliff, Kinesiology

Best Oral Presentation, $750: Jillian Paul

Title: An Examination Of The Current Understanding Of The Biochemistry Of Endometriosis

Mentor: Mickey Laux, Chemistry


Second Place Oral Presentation, $400: Kimiya Mansour

Title: The Brain Never Rests: How Sleep Deprivation Impacts the Glymphatic System

Mentors: Allisa Blystone, Biology & Melissa Ferguson, Social & Behavioral Science


Third Place Oral Presentation, $250: Sarah Groff

Title: Somatic Psychotherapy for Treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of Sexual Assault

Mentors: Michael Sutliff, Kinesiology & Melissa Ferguson, Social & Behavioral Science


Fourth Place Oral Presentation, $100: Luke Lyons

Title: Brains In A Dish: The Fidelity Of Cerebral Organoids As Models For Human Disease

Mentors: Allisa Blystone, Biology


Best Poster Presentation, $750: Sarah Guidroz

Title: Who Killed Kennedy: A Re-Examination Through The Lens Of Power And Politics

Mentor: Mario Do, Social & Behavioral


Second Place Poster Oral Presentation, $400: Matthew Sereno & Amber Gan

Title: The Relationship Between Extraversion And Satisfaction With Life Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic

Mentors: Melissa Ferguson, Social & Behavioral Science


Best Exhibition/Performance, $750: Marimar Lopez Tovar

Title: Who Killed Kennedy: Glitch in the Brain

Mentor: Jose Costas, Dance


Second Place Exhibition/Performance, $400: Kaylan Billings

Title: Reviving Historical Methods of Paint Making; A Comparative Body of Work

Mentors: Angela Plunkett, Visual & Performing Arts

2020 Event

Abstracts:  2020 List of Presenters and Abstracts




2020 winners

First Author, $1,500: Bodhi Edwards (In the news)

Title: Computational Fluid Dynamic Comparative Analysis of Common Surfboard Tail Designs

Mentors: Angelo Esposito, Engineering & Steve Fuchs, Architectural Technology 


Best Poster or Exhibition of Work, $700: Laura Liptrap

The Underground Railroad: Non-Written Narratives, and Confronting History’s Erasures, Mentor, Jon Mochizuki, History

Best Original Research or Performance (Oral/
Performance), $700: Devin Ardalan

International Students' help-seeking behavior, perceived adjustment, and academic success, Mentor, Alix Ziff, International Studies

Best Review (Oral/
Performance), $700:  Omar Al-Muhtasib

The Ugly Truth About Crooked Teeth: The Effects and Causes of Malocclusion, Mentors, Nakisa Nowroozi, Biology & Erin Walsh, English

Runner-up Poster or Exhibition of Work$400: Maegan Aronson

Nurture the Mother 

Mentor, Rachel Ridnor, Sociology

Runner-up Original Research 

or Performance (Oral

Performance), $400: Clara Passos Xavier Alonso

How Graphic Design Played an Important Part on World War II, Mentor, Steve Cox, Digital Media Arts and Design

Runner-up Review (Oral/

Performance), $400: Connor Cuomo 

Use of Fentanyl Test Strips to Prevent Drug Overdose, Mentor, Amy Hellman, Chemistry

2019 Event (In the news)

Abstracts:  2019 list of presenters and abstracts





First Author, $1,000 plus $500 from an annoymous doner:  Olivia Jäggi (In the news)

Title: A Comparative Study on Suicide Prevention

Mentor: Ulrike Green, Anthroplogy

winner and mentor

Best Poster & Exhibition of Work, $500:  Caitlin Bates

Mantle Xenoliths of the Mojave Desert, Mentor, Erik Bender, Geology

Best Oral Presentation of Original Research, $500:  Alice Dang

Residential Segregation and the Effect on Education of High School Students in the Newport-Mesa, Mentors, Jordan Stanton, History & Rachel Ridnor, Sociology

Best Oral Presentation of Literature Review, $500:  Matt Morton

How Deforestation Negatively Affects Local Climates, Mentor

Ulrike Green, Anthroplogy

Runner-up Poster & Exhibition of Work$100: Maher Hussein

Homemade Solar Cell Efficiency 

Mentor, Taylor Fry, Astronomy

Runner-up Oral Presentation of Original Research, $100: Laura Minor

The Light We Cannot See: Variation of Biofluorescence and Coloration of Captive Condylactis Gigantea Anemone, Mentor, Robert Ellis, Marine Science

Runner-up Oral Presentation of Literature Review,$100:  
Trent Stradley

Proposal for Public Artwork on Campus, Mentor, Tyler Stallings, Doyle Arts Pavillion Director

2018 Event (In the news)


Abstracts: 2018 list of presenters and abstracts.


First Author, $1,500:  Jonathan Stockman (In the news)

Title: Accommodating the Baby-boomer Generation  

Mentors: Rachel Ridnor, Sociology & Chris Quinn, Geography

Jonathan Stockman andone of his mentors Rachel Ridnor

Best Poster Presentation, $500: Mahdokt Hamidan

Fruit Preservation Cream, 
Mentor, Amy Hellman, Chemistry

Best Presentation of Project, $500:  Lyvia Yoho

Media and its Selective Reporting of Crime, Mentor, Ulrike Green, Anthropology

Best Presentation of Research, $500: Jonathan Stockman

Accommodating the Baby-boomer Generation, Mentors, Rachel Ridnor, 

Sociology & Chris Quinn, Geography

Runner-up Poster 
Presentation, $100: 
Adolfo Alan Garduno, Alondra Chavez, Trang Troung, Khiara Bankston, James Kerrigan, Oceana Russo, and Jolly Tardos

How Social Media Use Influenced by Self-Esteem and Underlying Internal Factors Affects Social Relationships and Psychological Health in College Students, 
Mentors, Lien Pham, Psychology & Ura Masako, Psychology (In the news)

Runner-up Presentation of Project, $100: Jocelyn Rodriquez
The Evolution of Anxiety, Mentor, Jan Goerrissen, Biology

Runner-up Presentation of
Research, $100: Jonathan Sorenson
Aquaponics as a preferential alternative to traditional farming methods in regards to plant growth, Mentor, Robert Ellis, Marine Science

Event Album:

All the participants and the planning committee

Event Organizers:

Planning team

2017 Event

Abstracts: 2017 list of presenters and abstracts.


Best overall presentation:  Ryan Banh  

Affordable Housing & Housing Affordability in Orange County, Mentor, Chris Quinn, Geography

Ryan Bahn grand prize winner of the symposum with Dean Dr. Michael Sutliff 


Best Poster Presentation: Katherine Conway

The Cause and Effect Relationship Between Exercise and Depression in Community College Students, Mentor, Hannah Kang, Psychology

Best Presentation of Literature Review:  Sebastian Valadez 

Fermentation & The Microbiome, Mentor, Richard Pittman, Food & Nutrition

Award of Merit:  Jessica Vieira 

Utilizing Priming to Determine Cultural Effects on Narcissism, Mentor, Hannah Kang, Psychology

Contact Information

Ulrike Green -

Amy Hellman -

Organizing Team

Melissa Archibald, Erik Bender, Diane Brown, Katherine Donahoe, Kelli Elliott, Robert Ellis, Jerome Fang, Melissa Ferguson, Erin Gratz, Ulrike Green, Amy Hellman, Sharyn Konick, Jon Mochizuki, Duy Pham, Brent Rudmann, Teresa Scarbrough, Michael Sutliff, Marie Tsaasan, Laura Wagner, and Lane Whitlow