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Be a Student Participant

"I love the idea of sharing research or projects to the community." -Presenter 2018 symposium


Who can participate?

  • Open to all OCC students 

  • All disciplines welcome!

How do you participate?

  • In-class or independent project with a faculty mentor

  • Find a mentor from the Potential Mentors list or ask other faculty or staff

  • If you need funding for supplies for your resources currently we are accepting applications for funding.  Up to $100 with some possible exceptions of more is available.  Fill out this form with your mentor Funding Request Form.

What type of work can you produce?

  • Oral presentation

  • Poster (funding for posters provided)

  • Creative works

When are the key dates?

Why Participate?
  • Learn more about a passion topic

  • Networking

  • Resume and college application builder

  • Prizes

  • Use this to springboard your work to other conferences

Prizes For Top Work

First Author

Prize $1000, plus $500 for subcategory win

Subcategory Awards

  • Oral Presentations (Original Research) 

  • Oral Presentations (Project/Literature Review)

  • Poster Presentations

  • Projects, Technology, and Creative Works

2018 Winner First Author

Jonathan Stockman (In the news)

Accommodating the Baby-boomer Generation, Faculty sponsors: Rachel Ridnor, Sociology & Chris Quinn, Geography

 Jonathan Stockman and one of his mentors Rachel Ridnor

Contact Information

Rachel Ridnor -

Duy Pham  -

Organizing Team

Duy Pham • Rachel Ridnor • Hannah Kang • Jerome Fang  Amy Hellman  Kelli Elliott • Ulrike Green  Robert Ellis • Jon Mochizuki • Brent Rudmann • Dean Abernathy • Shazia Aziz • Brittni Doty • Guido Sendowsky • Michael Sutliff • Tara Giblin