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Covid 19 Response

Firstly, we hope you are all safe and healthy. It has been a very chaotic few weeks for all of us and we know that you must be going through a number of difficult transitions both inside and outside of your role as students.


Secondly, as you know, Orange Coast College has transitioned all possible classes to an online / remote learning format. Classes that cannot happen in a remote format have been suspended or canceled. Please check OCC's COVID-19 Latest Updates Page for all official news from campus on COVID-19 and more details on which classes have been suspended/canceled.


Below are important FAQs, program announcements, and COVID-19 related community resources that you can continue to access even while campus is closed.

Stay safe and take care, Pirates! We look forward to seeing you safe and healthy soon.


Orange Coast College has created an official Student Resources & FAQ Page for all students. Please make sure to read through the FAQ to get answers to questions like:


  • What Happens to My Classes After Spring Break?
  • What Are My Options if I No Longer Want to Continue this Semester?
  • Can I Still Register for Summer and Fall Semesters?
  • Will I Receive my Financial Aid this Semester?
  • How Do I Make a Counseling Appointment?
  • How Do I Access the Student Health and Mental Health Services?
  • How Do I Return My Books? Can I Get a Refund?
  • How Can I Access the Library & Tutorial Services and Get Support Using Canvas?
  • How can I Access DSPS Services?

Additionally, Orange Coast College hopes that you consider continuing your classes and have many services available to assist you with this transition. However, the college recognizes that you might have circumstances that may not allow you to continue this semester. 

The college has created an Excused Withdrawal FAQ to help you to understand the new option for an excused withdrawal "EW" with refund. Please make sure to read the FAQ if you are considering dropping any classes in light of the changes due to COVID-19.