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STEM Research Opportunities

Why Research

Research and research projects help students further their practical scientific skills. Additionally, research adds an excellent piece to your transfer application, personal portfolio, and scientific knowledge base. Every year OCC offers a research symposium for students interested in carrying out a research project and all students are encouraged to submit a proposal. For more information visit the Giles T Brown Symposium's website

Coming soon: Spring Research Symposium

Summer Research Opportunities​


 Other Opportunities

ASSURE: Space Science '21 Research Opportunity

The ASSURE program, located at the University of California, Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory, provides paid summer internships for undergraduate students to conduct cutting-edge research under the mentorship of leading experts in space science and engineering. The Summer 2021 ASSURE program is currently awaiting approval from the National Science Foundation (NSF); we invite you to apply to the program which will run pending NSF funding


OCC Spring Intersession '21 Research Opportunity

OCC is offering a free 4-week research opportunity for interested students during the Spring 21' Intersession. Students will build and maneuver unmanned underwater vehicles  (see Links to an external site.) and map plans for investigating oceans worlds. 
Gain hands on knowledge of engineering, biology, geology, geography and more. 
If interested, fill out the form at: