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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do in order to enroll into the internship class?

Attend a mandatory in-person orientation to receive all required information, obtain an internship, and then complete all the required documents prior to receiving an add code to enroll.


Does the internship class offer an internship or place me into one?

Currently, the internship class DOES NOT place the student into the internship. It is the student's responsibilities to obtain the internship on their own.


What do I do if I cannot attend any of the orientation

dates/times or missed all of the dates/times listed?

Student must schedule an appointment with the internship academy instructor to complete an in-person orientation.


I am an international student, can I do internship and enroll?

It is recommended that international students check with the Global Engagement Center and obtain proper documentations prior to attending the orientation and/or completing the enrollment process. 


How long does it usually take to obtain an internship and complete all the paperwork in order to add the course on time?

It typically takes approximately 3-4 weeks for the student to obtain an internship and complete all the required paperwork prior to receiving an add code to enroll.


I am already employed with a company or have been at my internship site but I am not enrolled in the class, can I still enroll and earn course credit/unit?

Yes, but the student is still required to attend an orientation and complete all the required paperwork prior to receiving an add code to enroll. Once officially enrolled, the student can start counting the hours towards the minimum required hours (note: any hours completed prior to enrollment will not be counted).


How much time do I have to complete the minimum required hours?

Student has the entire semester/term to complete the minimum required hours that they signed up for. It is okay for the student to complete all the minimum hours before the semester/term ends. However, any

additional hours completed beyond the minimum required hours does not change the chosen credit/unit the student originally signed up for.


Can I enroll if I am pursuing a Teaching profession and/or an Allied Health program at OCC?

Depends on the program. It is highly recommended that the student check with the appropriate department first as they may require a different/separate internship.