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Internship Academy ITRN A392

The internship academy course is a supervised internship for the student who has identified a major area of study.  Job site experience will train the student relevant job skills that will enhance academic learning.  Courses in the career field will be taken concurrently or previously taken with the student's job site experience. This may be either a paid or unpaid position. This course may be repeated.


Please note that the internship academy course does not place the student into an internship and/or site/company.  It is the student's responsibility to obtain the internship prior to be given permission to enroll.  In addition to obtaining the internship, the student is required to attend a mandatory in-person enrollment orientation, where the student will be provided all the pertinent documents and information to enroll.  Orientation dates and times are posted under the "Enrollment Orientation" tab.  Please check the orientation dates and times periodically prior to each semester for the latest updates as the dates and times are usually posted 1-2 months prior to the beginning of each semester.   


If the student missed or unable to attend any of the orientation dates for the upcoming semester, the student may still be eligible to enroll for the semester if he/she is able to complete all required documents before the deadline.  Based on prior students' experience, it typically takes at least 3-4 weeks to acquire the internship and complete all required documents prior to be given permission to enroll.  Therefore, if the student is still in the beginning stage of searching or interviewing for the internship and/or completing all the documents, it is recommended that the student should consider enrolling into the course the following semester instead. 


If you are pursuing an Allied-Health program (e.g., Diagnostic Medical Sonography or Speech-Language Pathology Assistant) or a teaching profession at OCC, there may be a separate/different internship requirement for the program.  Please contact the relevant division/department to confirm before attending the orientation.

Note that the Internship Academy course is a course, not a job/internship database.  Please do not contact the instructor to ask for available internships.  To search for possible internships, visit our on-line job/internship board at

​​​​​​​​​Instructor:  Will Thai