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Spring 2020 Pass/No Pass Grading Option

​IMPORTANT NOTE: The deadline to request P/NP for Spring 2020 has passed. The information below is for reference only. Please visit the regular P/NP Grading Option webpage for current information.

In response to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, OCC is extending the deadline to select a Pass/No Pass grading option to May 8, 2020 for full term (16-week) and second eight week courses for Spring 2020. Students selecting this option will receive a "P" for Pass (Satisfactory Completion) or "NP" for No Pass (Unsatisfactory Completion) grade symbol at the end of the semester. Grades of "NP (No Pass)" are considered unsatisfactory and are counted towards progress probation and/or dismissal.

***For Spring 2020 only, some departments have extended the P/NP grade option to all of their courses. Review them here.***

Please note that this extension is only available for:

  • Courses with the P/NP grading option as listed in the catalog.
  • Courses within the disciplines listed here. (For Spring 2020 only)

Unless the course falls within a discipline listed above or indicates a pass/no pass option in the catalog, it will NOT be eligible for this option. Once the P/NP grading option deadline has passed, the grade option cannot be reversed. 

Planning to transfer to a four-year university? As you weigh whether to opt for a P/NP grading option, please be aware that there are some universities that will NOT accept P/NP grading for major coursework as well as some areas of the general education. Please consult with an OCC counselor and/or check directly with four year universities on P/NP grading policies before changing grade options.

Planning on using the course towards degree requirements for an AA Degree? A maximum of 15 units of "P (Pass)" option coursework earned at an accredited college or university can be counted toward the degree requirements for the Associate in Arts Degree. Please consult with an OCC counselor before changing grade options.

Ready to request the P/NP option?

1. Fill out the Spring 2020 Pass NoPass Request Form.

2. Using your student email address (, e-mail the form to* Include your name, student ID number, course name, and CRN of the class you are attempting to change to P/NP. The email must be sent from your student email in order to authenticate that the request is coming from you, the student. 

*If you attempted to submit the form between 5/4/20 to 5/7/20 and you received an email notification that your original email was undeliverable, please re-send your request as we did not receive it. Thank you for your cooperation. (Updated 5/7/2020 3:00pm)

Due to the high volume of requests, please allow 7-10 business days for processing.